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Pro-SL gives you the all-new PSL LED reflector series, with immense brightness and a long life span. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use in bars, discoes and clubs. Very light, but also very durable due to our quality materials. Not to mention the tiny energy consumption. Enlighting has never been so easy!

PSL LED PAR 9 series

The PAR 9 seires offers you all the stunning light effects that you've always dreamed of. Designed for the big stages, this thing will shine!


The practical ACCULED takes away all the cables, as you can control it wirelessly! An integrated battery in the bottom can last up to 7 hours. How to control it? Simply, using a wireless DMX receiver. You can basically put it anywhere. The versatile ACCULED comes in two models; the 6 x 3-3W RGB and the 6 x 4in1 RGBW.


Similar to it's big brother ACCULED, the BAR 8 can also be controlled wirelessly. It's extreme brightness comes from 8 Tri-3W RGB LED light bulbs. The BAR 8 can also be controlled using a wireless DMX and the slightly smaller battery inside can last up to 5 and a half hours.